Hello From Switch Hype

Finally got this up! I’ve been thinking of starting a Nintendo-focused site for years, but I was never determined enough to even buy a domain–because who has the time to write and the energy to withstand the anti-hype!

But I got up early on the day of the preview trailer launch and thought this is it, I’m going to buy a domain. And here we are, Switch Hype is here and ready to bring order to the chaos and noise that is internet hype for the new Nintendo Switch system.

I’m way too tired from setting up WordPress to give you a real dose tonight, but the idea behind this effort is to pull together some of the most “hype” Switch content and treat user-generated hype with equal weight to branded hype, and to give recognition to the voices that are building the foundation to Switch world-domination. Only one strict rule–real Switch hype or get out!

Hope you, and I, enjoy whatever becomes of this!

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