Hype Levels Rise Before Switch Media Embargo Lifts


With the embargo on switch console reviews ending tomorrow and game reviews following a few days afterward, Switch hype levels from around the internet have been stepping up. The zeitgeist can be best summarized with this Nintendo Switch Subreddit  post by user Satiie (language warning) – you can feel the hype in every inch of this thread.

I must admit I have succumbed the the hype myself, absorbed completely by last month’s big evenst: the surprise Jimmy Fallon reveal, the January event, the Super Bowl commercial. There has been so much hype about the Switch that I thought I was out of the job.

So here were are just days before launch and the hype couldn’t be any more amazing. Nintendo has yet to answer some remaining questions about the online functionality and specs, so we are closing in on the last week with a sliver of speculation working against 100% hype.

See you on the other side.

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