What does the NES Classic tell us about Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo NES Classic Edition played on Switch

Preorder the thing! That’s the first lesson the Nintendo NES Classic Edition has taught us, that Nintendo either has a poor read on public reception or that they are using our torment for a bit of free advertising. There is so much legitimate hype surrounding this console that I’m certain they would have been a tremendous success without all the hanging out in front of a department store before sunrise. I have to think that they are increasing supply as we speak, but can there be more nefarious motives involved that would prevent them from doing the obvious?

What if, this really is a show of power by Nintendo meant to give a new generation a glimpse into their former glory and force our hand into preordering? What if, those ridiculously short cords make a living room install so difficult because they are not designed to be used with a large screen? What if, the NES Classic works best on a smaller HMDI compatible display–like the Switch screen! They had this planned all along… And those classic controllers–they are almost exactly the size of of the JoyCons. They are totally using our nostalgia to condition us like their new controllers!

There is certainly some evil-genius-level thinking going on somewhere here. Before Thanksgiving dinner last night I hooked up my system and had a bunch of family sitting on the floor reliving their childhoods with some Megaman 2, SMB 3, and Dr. Mario.  That’s some great advertising. Now if only they can all go out and buy one of these before the holidays that would be much appreciated, Nintendo! Also, Nintendo, you are killing me with some of these Star Tropics caves!




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